Case Studies

  • Oden - The Ambitious Plumber

    Oden has a dream to run his own plumbing business and employ apprentices of his own.
    The Wollongong boy commenced his Plumbing Apprenticeship on completion of his HSC. Oden is hosted by Helm Plumbing a company that carries out the majority of their work on new homes. Oden has also had some experience in commercial plumbing and gas fitting.
    Oden chose the Apprenticeship because he says: ‘I love to get to work outside doing something with my hands and you get a great sense of achievement knowing you helped construct a new home’.
    He loves working for his host where they have the teaching motto ‘do everything to the best of your ability, efficiency and speed will come with practice.’
    During the second year of his Apprenticeship Oden was selected to compete with ‘Team Illawarra’ at the National World Skills Competition. He had a fantastic time and gained valuable experience and now can’t wait to compete as a 3rd and 4th year.
    Oden says he enjoys the industry so much that on completion of his Apprenticeship he will get his roof plumbing licensing qualification – all on the way to his dream.
    For now Oden is happy completing his Apprenticeship.